I specialize in modern cryptography, computer and web security, privacy of data processing.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University advised by Prof. Dan Boneh. I am currently part of Novi crypto research team.

Favorite crypto-projects of mine are:

  • Pure-javascript implementation of ristretto255 prime order group: github repo
  • Winkle: protecting proof-of-stake blockchains from long-range attacks: eprint/2019/1440
  • Quantum resistant Key Aggreement: frodokem.org
  • Attribute Based Encryption from Lattices: eprint/2014/356
  • Privacy Preserving Linear Regression on Hundreds of Millions of Users
  • Privacy Preserving Matrix Factorization

Github: github.com/valerini

Crossed South America south-to-north on bicycles: holoholotales.com